About Us

La Cienega Pharmacy (LCP) has been established Durable Medical Equipment Since 1998. LCP is a local company and provides supplies for patients With various medical conditions and needs in order to aid in their everyday life. 

LCP works with several local Physicians, Physicians Groups, Clinics, Managed Care Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities. We provide only the best quality equipment and Top notch services to our patients and which we service. 

LCP has several trained technicians and representatives on board that serve to provide Punctual and efficient service to our patients, as well as technical support to both patients And ordering physicians. 

LCP provides prompt and free delivery to the patient's home, including set up and Demonstration of all equipment. Furthermore, if any problems arise with the equipment Purchased, LCP guarantees to address the situation in a timely and efficient manner. 

LCP accepts various forms of reimbursement for the equipment provided, such as Medicare, Private Insurance, Personal Checks, and Cash and all major credit cards. 

Please take some time to review this carefully constructed Website at lacienegapharmacy.com, which demonstrates The bulk of the items that LCP carries in stock and provides to its patients/customers. 

If Any special requests, custom fabricated needs, or specific questions may arise, please Feel Free to contact our office between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm, Monday Friday, and We will be honored to assist you. 

Please feel free to schedule a private appointment to Speak with one of our trained specialists regarding the product and services that we offer.

At La Cienega Pharmacy, we are dedicated to serving our patients with the utmost Urgency and efficiency in providing a more comfortable, safe and hassle free living Environment. 

Thank You.