Ideal Brands-Adult Contour Diaper


Ideal Brands has created the adult contour diaper that is made for heavy to complete loss of bowel and bladder control.  These diapers have maximum absorbency.  Easy to re-fit fastening and will adhere on the front of the diaper/brief for your own perfect fit.  Diapers have breathable side panels and are latex free.  

  • Available sizes:  

    • youth (Sold 96 per case)
    • small (Sold 96 per case)

    • medium (Sold 96 per case)

    • large (Sold 72 per case)

    • extra-large (Sold 60 per case)


  • Manufacturer: Ideal Brands
  • SKU: IC-4060, IC-4062, IC-4064, IC-4066, IC-4068