Calmoseptine® Moisture Barrier Ointment, Multipurpose 4 oz


Calmoseptine® Moisture Barrier Ointment 4 oz, Multipurpose

Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment is a multipurpose moisture barrier that temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. It contains calamine, zinc oxide, menthol and lanolin. It acts as a barrier to protect the skin and draw away moisture and helps to heal skin irritations from incontinence, feeding tube leakage, scrapes, fecal or vaginal fistulas, wound drainage and diaper rash.

  • Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment keeps skin clean, moisturized and dry.
  • Has a shrinking or drying effect on moist skin.
  • Stimulates the nerve endings.