ProLite® Airflow Wrap-Around Hinged Knee


Ideal for arthritis of the knee, minor ligament instabilities, chronic meniscal conditions, chronic joint pain. Provides compression to increase stability and help relieve pain. Wrap-around design allows for quick, easy application to swollen, tender knees. Polycentric hinges support natural joint movement, allow for full flexion and prevent hyperextension. Wide popliteal opening prevents irritation behind knee. Counter strapping system provides a secure fit and prevents rotation and migration. Color: Black. 

75689X-Small12"-13 1/2"
75689Small14"-15 1/2"
75689Medium16"-17 1/2"
75689Large18"-19 1/2"
75689X-Large20"-21 1/2"
75689XX-Large22"-23 1/2"

24"-25 1/2"

Measure 4" above center of knee. Fits right or left.