• HealthDri Women's Panties


    If you are one of the millions of women who experience a daily or occasional moisture management problem, HealthDri™ reusable panties offer complete protection with the look, feel and care of regular underwear.

      • A patented moisture transport system designed to keep users dry
      • The comfort of reusables with the absorbency of a disposable
      • A return to dignity for those who require incontinence products while providing peace of mind about moisture absorbency and clothing protectio
      • An environmentally friendly and cost saving alternative to disposableS
      • Garments that look and feel like the undergarment women have worn all their lives, not an adult version of a diaper
      • HealthDri™ garments will fill the absorbency requirements of 80-90% of all incontinence sufferers
      • One panty per package

    Ladies Heavy Panties:

    Holds 6 oz.

    100% Cotton


    Style No.Size  Waist Size 
    PHC004 4 22"-24"
    PHC006  6 26"-28"
    PHC008 8 30"-32"
    PHC010 10 34"-36"
    PHC012   12 38"-40"
    PHC014 14 42"-44"
    PHC016   16 46"-48"
    PHC018 18 50"-52"
    PHC020 20 54"-56"